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Do you like bathroom spy cams? Well a friend of mine lives with four girls and luckily is a little bit of a perv. I gave him a small waterproof video camera and talked him in to installing it above the shower in the girls bathroom.

He has shot a ton of hidden cam footage of his hot female roommates. Here are some screen caps from one of the videos of his sexy blonde roommate taking a shower. You should see what she does when she is alone in the bathroom shower.


You can watch the entire video as well as the others he has taken from the hidden spy cams he has installed to catch the girls nude and doing things you will really want to watch by clicking below.

Watch the videos here

A friend of mine has a cute brunette girl living next door to him. She has a patio on her house that has a perfect view of her bathroom window. So he climbed up on it one day with a bathroom spycam and filmed her getting ready for the day. She never knew he was even there.

He got so good footage of her totally nude. Wow she has a nice looking body. Here are some screen caps of the video he shot.

Want to see the entire bathroom spycam video of this cute brunette? Just click the link below.

Watch the video here

The bathroom spycam that was installed over this girls shower caught something totally unexpected today.

It started out like any other day she took a shower but then suddenly the door to the bathroom opened and another cute blonde joined her in the shower. Little did anyone know that she was bi-sexual. It made for a really good voyeur show though.

Want to watch the entire bathroom spycams video shot of these two hot little blondes? Just use the link below.

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A bathroom spy cam was setup outside this second story bathroom window in a tree. It caught this nice looking girl shaving her legs totally nude. She then started shaving her pussy and never knew she was being caught on a spy cam.


You can see the video these pics where taken from by visiting the link below.

See the video and other pictures here

This girl was caught on a bathroom spycam that was installed in the next door apartment and aimed through a tiny hole in the wall.

She never knew her neighbor was filming her in the bathroom for all his friends to see.

You can see the video he shout of her by clicking the link below.

Watch the video over here

This cute blonde had a bathroom spycam installed above her shower by her boyfriend and did not know about it.

He got some great video of her taking a shower and sometimes masturbating in the shower.

Here are some pics from the shower bathroom spycam.

Want to see the video? Just visit the link below.

Show me the video

This cute blonde wearing stockings and red panties was caught using a public bathroom on a hidden bathroom spycam. She never knew she was being watched at all. The cam even caught some great shots of her adjusting her stockings after using the toilet.

Want to see the video that these screen grabs where taken from? Just visit the link below.

Click here to view the video

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